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Why I will never buy again SAMSUNG smartphone!

This is my personal thought on why I won’t buy again Samsung smartphone.

It’s not like I hate Samsung or something and I have used only 1 of their phones. In-fact, I have used several of their phone but my experience was the same overall. But, I was somewhat good not SATISFIED. But my recent relation with their best 2017 smartphone is not the best. In fact, I believe both Samsung smartphones released on 2017 are flop. Want to know why? HERE’s WHY:

a little Story

My first ever samsung phone was something like a normal phone. That had a screen and a normal old generation touch pad. Yes, I’m talking much before 2011. In 2012 I took my first smartphone a android device made by a cheap Bangladeshi company Symphony. Fast-forwarding to 2013 mid May, I bought Samsung Grand. And soon after that I bought several Samsung DOUS mobile and even the Samsung Grand 2. My satisfaction with these phones were somewhat GOOD, nothing much. I used these phones for not much then 3 to 4 months. And they all costed me around 100$ to 180$.

Fast forward to 2016

So on August 28th 2016 I turned 19. Yes, it was my 19th birthday, and I finally decided to buy a high-end smartphone! Except for Samsung Galaxy Grand DOUS I never ever bought any galaxy devices. And, I was planning to buy a high-end phone for the last few weeks. I was all set to buy iPhone 6s Plus. But one of my relative suggested me to go with Samsung. As I mentioned earlier, I only used Samsung phones for only 3 to 4 months or 5 months maximum. I never ever had a problem.

And the one who suggested me uses Samsung Galaxy devices for years. So, without discussing  or researching with anyone else. I decided to invest roughly around 850$ and purchased the phone. It was working all good. Until one fine day about 2 months and somewhat days after I had an update. The update went smooth and everything was okay.

Suddenly after 3 months and a few days later, my mobile fell down of 3 feet and the screen cracked. Well, I never got the screen fixed. But it was all smooth. Until one fine evening I got an update saying a new version of android is release. Android 7.0 NOUGAT. I was super exited and installed it.

And suddenly I started having nightmares.The same day, I had the first glitch. The mobile suddenly froze and restart. Well it started automatically and well it got fixed. But as week passed by the problem got bigger and bigger.

samsung smartphone s7 edge

Real Fraustation Began

So by the end of 9th month the problem was becoming a headache. Before, the mobile didn’t got hot while charging with fast charging. But now did. I though it was a battery problem as most of the articles suggested. But it wasn’t. In fact as of 4th October 2017 while writing this all my hardware is ok by hardware diagnostic tests! And soon a new problem arises. The mobile restart automatically. For most of the time, it froze and restart.

Before the end of the first year, the mobile went to a position where the mobile blacked out with no buttons working. And stayed like that for a few hours, at a point the mobile heats up to almost 80 degree Celsius.

Tried to solve?

Well, yes I tried all the ways out there on the internet. But nothing really worked. It’s clearly not a battery issue. Recently the warranty was over. Even during the warranty period they said and I quote “As the screen is broken, it will no longer fit under the warranty! And they will charge around 350$ to solve the issue“. And even from testing hardware by dialling *#0*# it says everything is okay! One method that worked for me was to use a normal charger. But it really worked fine for 3 days, before the headache returned again.

Last Update

As of 4th October 2017 the mobile went on a stage where it is not usable at all. It keeps restarting itself every 2 to 5 minutes. Even within a couple of seconds after turning on.

What I did wrong?

My first mistake was not to buy SAMSUNG. Especially if you are thinking to use it for at least 2 years time. Even if you are planning to buy a long time android smartphone buy Google Pixel Phone 128 GB. As it is the made by Google. Also read which mobile OS is best Android or iOs. Another thing was, my relative who suggested me the brand never did update of the firmware or the android version. And as I have seen if you don’t update you will have no problem!

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