Top 3 browsers for PC users

Over 50% of world population uses internet on a daily basics. So, here we make the Top 3 browsers for PC and MAC users.

Just a quick disclaimer, we will not put TOR in this list as it is a anonymous browser and best for people who takes privacy seriously. And also this list is made keeping all sorts of people in mind! One which might suit you might not suit another person. Saying that let’s began with our Top 3 browsers for PC/MAC! We are going to go from 3 to 1.

Top Browsers:

   3.   Mozilla Firefox & Microsoft Edge .

Hitting our list at number 3 spot is the open source browser Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft edge!

Mozilla Firefox

firefox Top 3 browsers

This popular open source internet browsing software was once the market leader for browsing the web. But as this is open sourced thus many developer came and edit this software by their needs. And soon this popular software started showing my glitch here and there. As a result now a days their aren’t a lot of plugins and most importantly the browser became slow. And also it takes time to render and show motion graphics. Most importantly in today’s modern time this is becoming poor in innovation and productivity. But still if you run old machine and don’t do much on the net, then software is best for you. As it can handle normal daily task quite well!

Microsoft Edge

Top 3 browsers

Microsoft Edge is a new browser by Microsoft. Previously the had Internet Explorer. Although they still update the IE software for windows regularly. I could love to say that ME is the new version of IE! ME has been a tremendous success over the failure of IE. But Microsoft have learned from their mistakes and have made the new browser a lot better. They not only have a came up with new looks but also have made new people connect to the net much faster. Although this browser operates differently then the other browsers on this list but this is a good browser that you can use especially if you are new to the net or just use net for college or work!

     2. Opera


If you used the internet back in 2007 or in the era of Java mobile devices chances are you have used opera mini. Or even if you started using the internet in 2011 or after you might hear JAVA. As I started using the net back in 2009 or so. I have used opera mini in many of mobile phones. But trust me just like Opera Mini, Opera Desktop is a one of the best browser on the market you can definitely try out with! This browser offers build in VPN service and is best for people who have low internet speed. Because this browser transfer packet to packet and thus load quickly. No other browser thus that on the market currently. All the addons are by opera so you have low risk of getting hacked and information being stolen. And also have a build in security feature to hide your location for much better security. So we put this on the number 2 spot.

Moving on the last pick at our Top 3 browsers is:

     1. Google Chrome

google chrome

Google Chrome is developed by leading search engine giant GOOGLE.The best part of this browser is that you can open unlimited tabs even if you have old or slow PC. Their are a lot of addons and plugins in the google store developed by developers around the globe. This software is constantly updated. The best part of this browser is that when you have multiple tabs open in the background it runs as new application for each tabs. So even if you get attack by hackers, only that tab gets effect not others. You can literally edit this as per you want! And as security goes, it had a big glitch and that is anyone can viewed your saved browser passwords. But in recent releases that glitch was fixed and now to view the saved browser passed you need to know the system password as well!

So this were my pick for the Top 3 browsers. If you have any suggestion please do comment below.

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