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Payza Bangladesh the best alternative

Although Paypal is all set to start in Bangladesh from 19th October but for sure Payza Bangladesh is apparently the best alternative for freelancers.

Payza Bangladesh simply known as Payza is a digital wallet and payment gateway. This is the best and simple solution for Bangladesh freelancers. This international payment option also allows you to exchange dollars to taka.

Payza is a easy solution especially for the one’s who are joining to the online sourcing community. No matter you earn from Ojoo or Upwork or work directly with clients. Payza has your back. Payza was first introduced in Bangladesh back in 2015. Since then thousands of Bangladeshi has joined the platform and using it in a daily basics.

Why Payza?

Payza is accepted to almost all the ecommerce website in Bangladesh. Such as, Grammenphone, are the most popular among others.

payza bangladesh mastercard

The best part of using this platform is you can deposit your bKash money to payza in matter of seconds. But sadly you can’t transfer your taka to dollar. If you need so you have to buy it from sellers as of now. But don’t worry! You can definitely exchange the money you earn from Dollar to taka. And transfer that in you local bank for free!

You will also get a international debit card that you can use in any mastercard accepted places worldwide. And also use it securely in online transaction.

Payza Benefits

You have read some benefits above but other than that there are more. Use Payza the same way you can use your local bank. You can transfer money from one place to another. (From Bank to Payza) & so forth. You can sent and receive money in matter of seconds with out no limit. Are a few benefits of Payza over Payoneer and several other payment gateways that are open to Bangladeshi Freelancers.

Payza Bangladesh

PayPal or Payza?

Well hands-down PayPal is the solution. But as of written this article (12th October 2017). PayPal is not in Bangladesh. And for years the Bangladeshi Freelancers have wanted Paypal in the country. Well we have good news. PayPal will be launched on 19th of this month. But we don’t know the limits and the policy! In short, how much money can we transfer in and out. And how will PayPal be used in the country. So, as of now Payza Bangladesh is the number #1 solution!

Payza Bangladesh has proved its authenticity over and over again. So, we recommended this payment platform and digital wallet to anyone who is wanting to have best payment option in the country.

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