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PayPal Bangladesh – All You Need To Know

For years now Bangladeshi people wanted PayPal in the country! But is Paypal finally coming to the country? Or Not? PayPal Bangladesh – All You Need To Know

For the past few years, Bangladeshi Online visionaries have suggested government to bring PayPal in the country! And if IT Minister Polok is telling truth then PayPal will launch in Bangladesh at 19th October. – But wait! There is a lot we expected but we will not get it all! This is the untold truth of PayPal Bangladesh.

Before we talk about PayPal in country we must understand that there are almost 1 million people who earns Online. Majority of this people gets paid through PayPal. So the government last year decided to bring the international digital wallet in the country. And after almost 2 years of hard work government is seeing bright light. But wait a minute we will not get all the service PayPal has to offer.

 paypal bangladesh

PayPal Bangladesh – The service we will get

If PayPal is launched on the 19th of the following month. We will only get the feature to get paid through PayPal not sent money or exchange money. Palak confirmed the news to MYAcode, that PayPal will be launched at the IT expo 2017 on the 19th by Joy.

Palak further added “Bangladeshi users will only be able to receive their earnings through PayPal once it is inaugurated, which means its services will be limited in the country.”

But we don’t know what he really meant. Because as far as we know PayPal users can sent money from one a/c to other. So, we don’t know what he is saying. He might meant PayPal users in the country can only transfer money from PayPal to bank not bank to PayPal.

paypal bangladesh

When we asked some freelancers about their thought on this, some replied if we can’t sent money from one account to other then what is the point to bring PayPal.

On an interview with Palak he said “We will get all the features by PayPal with in a year or so.” Entrepreneurs thinks that the advent of PayPal. — The largest online money transferring and payments service in the world — is likely to be a game-changer and another milestone for Bangladesh on its path to realising Vision 2021.

Migrant workers with families at home, parents of students studying overseas, and many others, can also breathe a sigh of relief knowing that they can easily send money to their dependent families, sons and daughters, especially in case of an emergency.

At present, local freelancers have to use roundabout ways to bring home their foreign currency earnings – i.e. use someone else’s accounts abroad – which are both risky and costly. PayPal resolves this issue and makes it easier and safer for freelancers to collect their payment from foreign clients.

Not confirmed by PayPal authority

Although Palak has confirmed the matter couple of times, the authority didn’t. PayPal higher authority said “PayPal is not currently available in Bangladesh. And we don’t have news to share right now regarding future plans. However, Xoom, a PayPal service, has been live in Bangladesh since November 2015. Through Xoom, people in the US can send money to loved ones by depositing money to leading banks in the country.” – to MYAcode.

paypal bangladesh

Just 7 days to go. On they 19th we will know the truth about PayPal Bangladesh. For more update on PayPal make sure to stay with us.


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