IT Minister Palak makes fool of all internet entrepreneurs and freelancers

The Bangladeshi IT minister Palak made fun of all freelancers, internet visionaries and internet entrepreneurs.

On the 9th of October Zunaid Ahmed Palak, said PayPal will be launching on the 19th of October but turns out he failed. He failed miserably. He not only failed but also made fool of millions. At least 1 million people was fooled. How? Here is how!

On the 9th of October 2017 Palak announced PayPal to be launched in Bangladesh. On that day, one reporter asked and I quote “WILL BANGLADESH HAVE PAYPAL or XOOM BY PAYPAL”. To which minister replied “ACTUAL PAYPAL”.  On our 2 previous blogs, we discussed about how Mr Palak, not confirmed about the Inbound transaction issue, he said earlier on the 9th. 

But until the 16th October Palak nor any member of the government said anything about XOOM. In fact people in the IT ministry said that PayPal will be launched on the second day of the IT event held in BICC.

On the 16th October night, the event’s invitation got leaked on facebook. Where it was mentioned that Xoom was about to launch. Which clarified that PayPal was not coming to the country. But it was later changed! And question started rising. Mr. Palak clarify what is actually going to launch by a facebook post.

Palak PayPal Post

PayPal services are available in 203 countries around the world.
Of these, PayPal’s full service is open in only 29 countries and only inbound services are available in 103 countries.
And in countries where PayPal is providing full service,
In most of its countries, PayPal initially launched full-fledged services with inbound services only after starting inbound service.
Initially anyone with PayPal account from USA can send money to Bangladesh. More new countries will be added to this list from next year.
The subscriber will be able to accept the money within 40 minutes.
$ 1,000 per transaction will cost only $ 4.99. There are no fees for transaction on $ 1,000.
You can send a maximum of $ 10,000 per lanidine.
Freelancers are now bringing their earning money to Bangladesh in various ways. Freelancer’s long-standing demand made it possible for the government to get the money from PayPal abroad.
We can fulfill their demand. As a result, it would be easy to bring their money through the introduction of PayPal services, similarly the rate of return of money will increase a lot.
Initially the service will be extended to Sonali Bank, Rupali Bank, Agrani Bank, Janata Bank, Uttara Bank, City Bank and Pubali Bank, but it will be expanded to other banks soon.
As a result of the introduction of PayPal services in the country
5.5 lakh freelancers and 10 million expatriates will be benefited.

And then suddenly his facebook ratings started to climb down. With in matter of a few hours his facebook rating went from 4.0 to 2.5 starts! And as of writing this article his current facebook rating is 1.7 stars out of 5 stars. And without a word we can say he failed as an minister.

We talked about xoom and history in another article so do must read that. But for clarity of this article, we gathered some facts about xoom in Bangladesh.

Xoom Bangladesh Fact

Xoom was first launched in Bangladesh back in 2006. Due to political issues it was soon off! But xoom is in service from 2015. So there is no point on launching a service that is already in the country. Some freelancers even said that Palak doesn’t understand difference between a wife and mother. And things got nasty. In the bottom, most freelancers agree on the fact that. Palak failed as a minister or a liar. Because of two facts that he is always saying PayPal instead of “XOOM – a paypal service” and it is on the country since 2015. So what’s the point of saying “launch

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