iphone 8 popping crack

iPhone 8 popping up screen unexpectedly?

Apple recently announced their all new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. And just before they can earn revenue, over 3000 iPhone users complained their iPhone 8 popping up!

Just over a week after release, Apple’s new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are experiencing phone-breaking issues. The company has taken to officially investigate the issues after a handful of reports are suggesting that the new devices are popping out of their shells.

Making the matter worse, some people who bought the phone also complained that they received the mobile cracked.
iphone 8 popping

And in some cases broken. An unfortunate Japanese owner of the iPhone 8 Plus received his handset in a completely unusable state. With the screen warped outward as the device had begun to split open.  A Taiwanese 8 Plus owner saw her device crack open while it was on charge with the official Apple supplied adaptor. And numerous others reports were soon found all over the web!

Why iPhone 8 Popping?

Apple has not confirm the reason why this is happening. But people working on the tech industry have said that there is a massive battery issues. Especially on iPhone 8 plus. The authority has claimed that they are looking at the matter and will issue a public statement quickly. And there is nothing that the iPhone 8 and 8 plus owners needs to worry about. The Apple will replaces the mobile devices once they patch the problem!

But this is not the first time. They have faced problems like this even in the previous years. When the first introduced the APPLE WATCH, buyers complained device’s screen had begun to bulge due to swollen batteries, causing partial detachment of the screen. In reply they increased the device warranty.

Where iPhone X (10) is about to release in less than a month time. We hope nothing big happens to Apple. And, they don’t need to face any further problems. Read the difference of iPhone 8 and iPhone 10.

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