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How does signal jammer work? Block wifi and mobile signal!

How does the signal jammer work to block wifi and mobile network?

Keeping things short and simple, signal jammer works by manipulating the broadcasting radio waves. I know it’s a bit complicated so, let’s really know how does this little thing called GSM Blockers work. There are a lot of jammers, big and small. Small like a pen drive and big like enterprise leading routers.

First of all this jammer can be used not to stop wifi signals or mobile network signals but literally anything that is wireless. Even bluetooth. Before going further let’s clear this. Using this type of jammers in public is illegal in many countries. But you can use this for fun/experiment at your home.

How does Jammer work?

In general the jammer works by causing interference between receiver and the base station. The jammer gives out signal in the same frequency as the base station. For example if wifi base station gives out 500 hz frequency. The jammers gives out the same or high frequency manipulating the base station frequency. Same goes for mobile networks.

When the mobile jammer comes into ACTIVE mode, most phones show a NO Network signal. And when the jammer comes to OFF mode, the mobile phones will become ACTIVE and provides the required service. Many factors can affect the operation of the mobile phone jammer. Some of them are humidity, temperature, presence of landscape and buildings, tower proximity etc.

Signal Jammer

Usually, mobile phones are full duplex device types. This means that mobile phones use separate frequencies for listening and talking. Most of the jammers seen today block only one of the frequencies used by mobile phones and provide the effect of preventing both.

How modern jammer works?

Intelligent Cellular Jammer is a type of jamming technique; an RF signal is not transmitted to prevent communication between mobiles and base stations. Here the jammer device acts like a detector. And in order to communicate with the tower or base station, the jammer device uses an identification number. When the signal is transmitted from the tower to the mobile phone user, the jammer will detect it and signals the base station not to establish a communication. The prevention is done by the software at the base station.

Price and Where it is used?

The price of this jammers various from 20$ to 2000$ or more. And this jammers are basically used in holy places, schools, cafes and government offices.

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