All you need to known about WannaCry Ramsomware

wannacry ramsomeware

Ramsomware is a kind of malware virus that encrypts files without you knowing it.

This malware is not only encrypts but also demands money for it. But according to MYAcode survey the number of recovery is zero. In this article we cover all about this Ramsomeare.

What is Ramsomware?

As already mentioned above RamSomWare is a virus that look for your personal files once your windows computer gets effected of it. Then it demands money. Even after you pay there is no grantee that you will get your files back. One of the most famous ramsomeware in recent time is WannaCry Virus (2017). WannaCry is so dangerous that within days it made entire to “10 most dangerous hacking malware”

What files it encrypts?

It encrypts files like pictures, videos, documents, programs, etc. Pretty much anything that the virus can get hands on! It takes couple of seconds for the fishy software to encrypt the files. And in matter of seconds those files get useless as there is a high chance that you will never get your files back.

Who is the cause wannacry?

Generally speaking, even we don’t know (as of the day we are writing this blog post). But the blame its to given to NSA. Originally they used to use this software to keep eyes-on. But one of their server got leaked and was available publicly. Thus WannaCry by a group and/or individual hacker was born.

How this virus gets in?

This virus gets in through one of the windows networking port. In fact Ramsomware is so dangerous that back in 2001 microsoft released a patch for XP.

How can you be safe?

If you ask us, we have couple of external hard-disk. From 500GB to 8 TB. And we back-up our files to 2 different disk. And this is something we recommend for everyone. But just in case if you don’t have the money to buy one. Or don’t want to! then you can simply update your windows.

Good news is, recently microsoft recently released a patch of WannaCry. If you have up to date machine then it will not be a problem. We also recommend you to use pro antivirus or good free antivirus.

You can also update files on online file storage system such as drives like google drive, dropbox, microsoft drive, etc.


Already million dollar amount damage is done, throughout the world. Many UK hospitals were infected by this which let them to huge loss. Even some hospitals had to postpone scheduled operations and treatments. Many industries is being highly effected. In many countries there are a lot of people who uses fake cracked windows. As a result they can’t update their PC, by which they also can be affected at some time in the future.

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