How to earn money listening songs?

earn money listing songs

Hello guys, in this article you will know how actually you can earn money listening songs!

Just a quick disclaimer, you cannot make a living with this method. But you can surely make some bugs for this weekend. So without wasting further time, lets get started!

Quick Knowledge

Online there are many websites, claiming that you can earn money by listing their songs and what not. But the fact is most of the websites will not work! That’s because they are simply fake sites. I, myself have tested more than couple of dozens of websites but only 2 websites have worked. Below are the two websites that I will prefer to earn money listening songs.



This website only work in America and Canada. Unfortunately if you live outside of this 2 countries this website might not work for you. But however you can use VPNs and/or use plugins to block your geolocation in browsers such as Chrome and FireFox.

You can not only listen and review songs here but also if you have interest in Fashion, you can review cool fashion accessories and also tech. SliceThePie pays you anywhere between 0.7$ to 0.15$ every review. Just keep in mind that if you don’t write a review thats valid to support the song you just listened, then your account might even get suspended.

The minimum payout is 10$ and they will pay you in PayPal, every Tuesday and Friday. Also keep in mind that if you’re listening songs then you need to listen the track for about 90 seconds.


Though I’m not sure if you can access this from any country but this site at least works and they do pay legit money. Where it is like the same like the website mentioned above. But there is one downside to MusicXRay. You need to wait some time after you made an account with them. It can take from 1 day to couple of days depending on your taste of music. As far as the payout limit is, you need to earn a total of 20$ before you can withdraw in your PayPal.

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