Banks PayPal will work in Bangladesh

PayPal is finally launching in Bangladesh on the 19th October. And we have banks that you can use it with PayPal

Before continuing this article if you don’t know about PayPal Bangladesh or don’t know how it will work. We hight recommend you to read how PayPal will operate in this country. Keeping that on the site, let’s get on the main topic. Government has confirmed that 9 Banks PayPal has merged to work with. But before that you should now for the time being PayPal can be use for inbound transactions only!

Banks PayPal

Giving an Interview with MYAcode. ICT Division Minister Palak confirmed the news that PayPal for now will only be used for inbound only. As discussed earlier, he didn’t mentioned what that really meant! Will Bangladeshi PayPal users can transfer money to their local bank. Or, will Bangladeshi PayPal users can only get paid through PayPal and can’t not sent money to others. Just like xoomA service that is popular for sending money to Bangladeshi people through PayPal from foreign countries, especially the USA.

On the interview he also said that Bangladeshi PayPal users will soon have all the features, that people using PayPal on other countries have. Such as outbound services! Buying through Google Play, App Store, Facebook and much more. He particularly said that in the future, you can also deposit foreign money to PayPal using local banks! But not confirming when! Also not clearing about what he meant by only inbound transection as said earlier and discussed on the last article.

banks paypal

Banks PayPal will be offering

Well in this section we need to discuss in details. Because, on the interview ICT Division Minister Palak only formed about 2 banks. And we got the rest banks from different sources.

Confirmed Banks

  • Sonali Bank Limited
  • Rupali Bank Limited
  • Agrani Bank Limited
  • Janata Bank Limited

Non-Confirmed Banks

  • Dutch Bangla Bank Limited
  • City Bank Limited
  • Brac Bank Limited
  • Eastern Bank Limited
  • Mutual Trust Bank Limited

Well as mentioned earlier Palak has only confirmed the 2 banks. Although most of the government holding bank is not online based. But, our sources have confirmed that the 4 government run banks is on the list. Although we could not confirm the rest 5 banks from 100% authentic & trust worthy sources. But majority of the people we talk to and the sources had the same 5 private run banks. And all this 5 non-confirmed banks have online banking facilities. All people working on the internet believes this private banks will be also on the list!

In short Blue colour banks are confirmed to be on the list of the 9 banks. Where as red colour banks are not confirmed but holds majority chances to be on the list. If not all then atleast 2 banks will be on the list. As DBBL and BBL are widely used by freelancers outside & inside the capital!

PayPal will be a game changer in Bangladesh. Especially for entrepreneurs, freelancer, marketers and Online Banking in Bangladesh will boost!

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