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Android vs iPhone which one is better?

If you love smartphones, one question you might have at some point is which OS is better? Thus, we present to you Android vs iPhone!

At the end of this article you will know which one of android vs iPhone is better. Here, we will only discuss about performance, security and user-friendly. Not camera or any thing related to physical components. And we will not compare with Windows Phone either.

Let’s start!

Update & Firmware

Well there are over thousands of smartphones supporting Android platform. Thus, even if Google updates their official operating system, many mobile companies don’t. Google officials have already updated a new version of Android. That’s call OREO or simply Android 8.0! I’m using Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and it was recently updated to 7.0! Talking of the firmware, read WHY I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER SAMSUNG SMARTPHONE. As it has a lot of options to choose from, this is not regular firmware update either.

Okay, enough of talking android smartphones, let’s head to iPhone. I phone have regular updates almost every now and then. And there are not much devices to choose from. Most importantly the hardware and software are made by the same company. So, there is not much of a problem!


I’m using smartphones for over 6 and half years now. I remember my first ever smartphone was a cheap SYMPHONY mobile. Which back in 2011 cost around 100$ or more. At first I was happy with the performance, but as time went by I started feeling angry on my smartphones. I have used Nokia Lumia 800, Google Nexus LG, HTC, Samsung Galaxy Grand 1, Samsung Galaxy Dous, Samsung Grand 2, several walton and symphony devices. And in 2016 August 28 I made a huge 850$ investment by buying Samsung Galaxy S7. But I was never satisfied. Especially with my last purchase. But I faced the biggest harassment by buying the last mobile phone. As I said earlier at first they work with no problem but after a few months they slow down.

If you ask me why? I could say they are made to use for a year or less.

Now on the other hand, I have friends how use iPhones and they phone performs really good for years to come. One of my friend is using iPhone 6 for the 3 years now and plans it you use for another one and half years. So no doubt iPhone is much better when it comes to performance.

iphone vs android


In short no smartphones are secure. If you looking for secure smartphones go with blackberry or special secure phones. But when it comes to Android vs iPhone. iPhone is perhaps the winner. Well, you can watch mobile got hacked in 20 seconds. And there are certain apps you can use to protect your self in both platforms. But build in security in the iPhone is much better.


So, till now I have said iPhone is the best. But battery is something that apple is certainly not good at. As times passes my Apple batteries starts to die. And die starts pretty fast. Here most of the smartphones that are powered by Android wins!


Google’s Android has app store known as Play Store. And iPhone’s one is simply called App Store. To become an Google app developer you need to pay a one-time fee of 25$ and you can put as much apps you want to Play Store. Where as becoming an iPhone developer you need to pass a lot of things and also pay a one time fee. Here, is where a lot of things changes. As it is easy to become a android developer. Many Black hats and Grey hats are make malicious and hacking apps and taking all your data! Where as iPhone’s APP Store on the other hand is much better.


I that and believe Android wins this then nothing else. You can download external files, such as Music, Videos, Files and literally anything you can download on a PC.  Not only that, you can even increase mobile capacity by SD Card. But iPhone can’t. You cannot download any external files using normal browser. Or without certain apps. You cannot browse phone directory. Even can’t add SD Card to increase storage size.

You can also customise your android device as per your need but you can’t do that on iPhone. As a matter of fact the intelligence  machine Google Assistant Beats Siri.

android vs iphone

Bottom Line

So who wins? The match between android vs iPhone. In the end, if you want much reliable and better smartphone with security go for iPhone. Where as you want to mod and use your smartphone as a small pc or use it for hacking you can buy android. And even if you are in a budget then you can buy android. They are a lot of android smartphones that are similar like the new iPhone and also cheaper.

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